Import Services

BeeGlobalXpress is not only famous for its domestic services but also has a strong base
in international courier and cargo service.

Import Services

BeeGlobalXpress is not only famous for its domestic services but also has a strong base in international courier and cargo service. The well-recognized help of the BeeGlobalXpress is known for its cheap rate and highest quality delivery without any mistakes. At BeeGlobalXpress, we offer extraordinary import services from countries like the USA, UK, Germany, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, China, etc.

No matter the location, we offer constant honest delivery from location to airport, from airport to place, and from location to location, and that is the reason we become a one-stop destination for shipping, logistics, and cargo services. Import cost from China to India is comparatively very affordable as compared to the other import export cargo service.

We are working on our terms to offer courier and cargo services at the cheapest and fastest mode of any weight slabs. We are continually importing the medical equipment, pharma, and all other essentials goods from China. Our open hand import courier services are available with full customer support.


Worldwide Coverage

Our spectrum of import services encompasses countries such as the USA, UK, Germany, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, China, among others. Supported by a resilient global network, we ensure seamless execution of operations across these diverse nations. Our well-established infrastructure guarantees the effortless facilitation of activities. This extensive reach underscores our ability to cater to imports from a multitude of regions, bringing together a comprehensive and interconnected system.

Advantageous Clearance

We assist our clients in managing expansive businesses by providing essential customs and trade advisory services. These services are pivotal for ensuring the seamless flow of shipments according to scheduled timelines. Our expertise extends to customs regulations, enabling us to navigate complexities and optimize processes on behalf of our clients. Alongside, our trade advisory services contribute to maintaining the rhythm of shipments, facilitating timely movement.


Following Transparency

You can count on us to handle all types of shipments, whether they involve export dispatch or domestic package services. We excel in managing a wide array of shipments, ensuring their seamless progression. This capability extends to both international export operations and local domestic package deliveries. Our expertise encompasses diverse logistical scenarios, underscoring our ability to efficiently oversee shipments across different scales and scopes.

Why Should You Choose Us For Import Delivery Services?

BeeGlobalXpress import administrations remove the issue from carrying shipments into the nation as a shipper. All you need is to pick your favored help, and we'll gather your parcel, ensure it clears customs and spread any import obligation required. We can make the whole import experience direct – giving on the web instruments to transportation, observing and following; loaning our ability in customs freedom; and staying up to date with all the most recent principles and guidelines, obligations, and duties. BeeGlobalXpress is popular for India China Import Export services at the cheapest rate and fastest speed.

Whether you are connected to us for domestic delivery or export services, BeeGlobalXpress ensures that all products are delivered on time. Our smooth network allows us to provide hassle-free services to our customers. Either it is about Import Furniture from China or importing any other products from China, BeeGlobalXpress is ready to provide the services. It not at all means we don’t face difficulties while delivering a parcel. But, our team is completely prepared for dealing with all such issues. Backed with an excellent transport management system, it is possible for us to import products from China to India.

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