Air Freight Forwarder

Bee Logistics Courier and Cargo is a dynamic freight forwarder by air
in Delhi having a lot of experience and expertise.

Air Freight Forwarder

BeeGlobalXpress is a dynamic freight forwarder by air in Delhi having a lot of experience and expertise. We are a top-notch leading player in the market when it comes to effective handling, inspection and loading of goods. We consider every minute detail while doing the process to get it done effectively.

We at BeeGlobalXpress play a very vital role in importing and exporting the freight across the international borders. We do a variety of tasks at hand to carry out the complete process smoothly. Let us depict out the working methodology and how we work so distinct in the market.


Transaction of the Carrier

We exhibit exceptional efficiency and proficiency in this domain. As specialists in air freight forwarding, we possess a finely tuned understanding that underpins our seamless execution of this task. Our commitment to ensuring the utmost diligence is unwavering, and it is in this spirit that we approach each facet of our responsibility. Our expertise isn't just limited to the physical aspects; we have an acute awareness of the regulatory nuances and compliance requirements that govern air freight.


Operating as a worldwide freight forwarder, we actively engage in negotiations that play a pivotal role in diminishing the overall expenses linked with this intricate process. Notably, BeeGlobalXpress has established consistent and recurrent transactions with a diverse array of airline enterprises. This dynamic collaboration not only underscores our industry connectivity but also underscores our commitment to streamlining costs.Through strategic negotiations and fostering robust relationships, we aim to optimize the economic efficiency of our operations.


Trust Building

Cultivating affable connections with our valued clients is a core tenet of our philosophy, and ensuring their contentment stands as our foremost concern. At BeeGlobalXpress, we place a strong emphasis on the construct of trust-building. Our actions and endeavors are rooted in fostering mutual reliance and confidence with our clients. Every interaction, service, and commitment is geared towards reinforcing this foundation of trust. By prioritizing our clients' satisfaction, we inherently cultivate an environment of openness and dependability.

Role of BeeGlobalXpress as Air Freight Forwarding Company:

We as international freight forwarders are hired by both importers as well as exporters to get their cargo transported with ease. The entire supply chain process is organized by us. Thus we mainly act as a mediator.

Our main operations revolve around the three core processes:

1. Handling of export and import
2. Clearance of custom duty
3. Transport by Air and delivery

BeeGlobalXpress actively take these processes and deliver the product safely to its destination.

Reasons to choose over others in the market

Efficiency: Yes this is the main feature due to which you can blindly trust us for getting your cargo handled, loaded and then unloaded safely. BeeGlobalXpress is an international freight forwarder and thus take care of every small detail to make the whole process easy. It is our key point.
Knowledge: This is another thing that distinguishes us from others. We don’t exhibit merely the superficial knowledge of our work. But we work on the grass-root level so that every minute detail of freight forwarding is covered under the sun. Whether it is knowledge of rules and regulations or various custom laws we have expertise in every niche. We thus provide the complete work at one place and thus make the one-stop solution in this industry without any second thought
Expertise: We at BeeGlobalXpress have a lot of expertise in dealing the freight efficiently. Our overall knowledge and expertise make us renowned in the industry and people trust us for their work.

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