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We have been pioneering the industry in Europe for 20 years, and delivering value
products within given timeframe, every single time.

Simplifying complex shipping challenges with innovative solutions

We are essential to the smooth functioning of global supply chains. They offer a range of services such as transportation, warehousing, inventory management, and distribution to businesses across different industries. The role of courier service companies has become increasingly important in recent years due to the growth of e-commerce and global trade.


Why BeeGlobalXpress?

BeeGlobalXpress is India's top courier company for cargo and courier services. BeeGlobalXpress is also your one-stop destination for cargo, shipping, and courier service needs. In 2004, the company has established its first international office in the Vitenam, and in just 17 years of successful services, the network has reached to 40 countries. We are also a member of Business Network International (BNI).

  • Faster Delivery across the country.
  • Advanced Monitoring System.
  • Reasonable valuing of Courier Services.
  • Cheapest administrations at an ideal quality.
  • Why Courier Service Required?

    Matching the fast forward need of the e-commerce world, BeeGlobalXpress is standing tall as a bridge between company and customer. Our delivery expert takes care of the demand and delivers goods and services using door-to-door formula.
    1. Professional courier service helps you streamline your business.
    2. No additional vehicles, fuel, or repair work required.
    3. Reduces the mammoth task of tracking your fleet.
    4. The downside of overnight delivery and express services.
    5. Benefits of a 24/7 courier service.
    6. Save costs on freight pooling and linear rates.
    7. Guarantee delivery at anyplace.


    We have established strong relationships with our partners

    We strive to become pioneers in the field, providing first quality and cost-effective service, and smart solutions to the market. Our 17 years’ experience in the shipping, transport and courier service industry is our strength, which support us to deliver our promises to our customers.Our services give items and administrations the point of building trust and improving the lives of customers, private ventures, undertakings, and our developing group of workers and accomplices. We also bring unmatched cost-effectiveness & time separation.

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    How would we help in overseeing the needs?

    BeeGlobalXpress Services has been in the business since 2004, and for 17 years continuously, the company is winning trust with the right kind of service. BeeGlobalXpress propelled global administrations by 2007, alongside the arrival of administrations at a sensible cost. We assured fastest, without error, and on-time delivery to our customers as we know the esteem your item and guarantee that it conveys in its prime condition to the ideal goal. BeeGlobaleExpree has a robust system of multi-purpose transport frameworks. With the assistance of this, we utilize the blend of different vehicle modes like the railroad, air, and roadway to convey your bundles at record time.

    Different types of dispatch administrations we offer:

    Expedited administration:This is one of the quickest delivery alternatives within 24-78 hours.
    Standard dispatch administration:It includes the assortment of small and medium-sized packages and their exchange to the conveyance point.
    Same day dispatch administration: In specific nations, you can have the box gathered around the same time as the booking.
    Cargo:In light of the kind of the heap, volume, goal, you can pick whether you need a full truckload (FTL) or less truckload (LTL).

    We are trusted by major global brands


    The Courier Industry Problem

    Having multiple businesses for courier & Cargo services, India is still under the downfall of dealing with the right agency. Major complication faced by the courier industry is;

    Seasonal Changes:The northern part of India, most of the time facing a moderately bearable climate that leads to the uncertain delay in the courier services.
    Unparalleled roads and destination pathway:Not having a proper range of transportation for an unparalleled trail that makes it difficult in delivery.
    BeeGlobalXpress Courier comes as a rescue to India for such type of condition where gets possible at any location across India and abroad as well.
    Since its initiation, BeeGlobalXpress has become the first choice for delivering fast and cheap parcel. With the simplest vision to turn into the working framework for trade in India, through its blend of world-class foundation, coordination tasks of the highest caliber, and forefront building and innovation capacities, are making the customer satisfied.